Hey there! I just posted a video highlight on our Youtube channel! Last night, a friend of mine joined me on my personal live stream to show off both The Condemned, and his game called Billion Worlds. And me, being the little jerk that I am, had to get this to go off at least once:

I know, I’m amazed it worked, too! He got me down to 8 life, a very, very close game! I was stuck in topdeck mode with only one card available to draw due to the other four in my hand being completely dead. Thankfully, I drew into another Slash Weapon, the Masamune. I equipped it, then dropped it to search out the last Ripper in my deck. With that in play and no weapons, I dropped an Alpha Strike and went for the kill. Thankfully, he didn’t have any answers for it. Good thing, too! It would have meant the death of me.

But yeah, Ripperstrike is a sweaty, sweaty deck. It plays fast, it wins fast, and it also loses fast. With good planning and preparation, this deck is a top tier contender. I look forward to seeing it in The Arena very soon!

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