Attention Condemned! With the sudden influx of new Condemned from the SSIP hospitals, you must be aware of the new threats before you. You have a new Condemned entering The Arena soon.

This Condemned is an enigma. We know so much about him, and yet so little. He’s a former street magician, and a true showman at heart. Throughout his time in SSIP lockups, he’s been a source of entertainment for many of you.  But like all magicians, everything around him is an illusion. Who is he, really? We don’t even know. Presenting, Kris Evangel!

This is exciting! The showman himself enters The Arena in Chaotic Assault. His ability, paired with Bio weapons, gives him solid sustaining power against other Condemned. He pairs nicely with the Vials of Viles, Plague Spreader, and Poison Claws. But that’s just the Weapons currently available. There’s new Weapons in Chaotic Assault to look forward to! Look forward to Kris in Chaotic Assault packs, coming soon! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in The Arena!

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