Hello there! Last weekend, we debuted The Condemned CCG at 2D Con at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis, MN. Let’s talk about what went down!

I showed up on Friday Morning and spent the morning preparing for everyone showing up. I worked with Highlander Games, who handles the majority of the TCG gaming events at 2DC. We got their store set up, and I had a little display for The Condemned!

It looks so good! Over the course of the weekend, I told everyone that would listen about The Condemned. Overall, the response was very positive! There was one group of three who stopped by, a dad and two kids. They recognized me from Anime Fusion, and they bought a starter set and a couple booster packs.

And they got super lucky! They pulled an Alpha strike! I popped off seeing that they pulled this. They had no idea, but then they popped off because I was getting so hype. They were super lucky, and I’m glad that they came by to support the game. Milo posed for a picture with the Alpha Strike and Plague Spreader that they pulled. Not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous of them for pulling that Plague Spreader…

I did manage to get a draft going at 2D Con. We had 4 people that sat down and tried the game. Wes, Quinn, Zander, and Mike. And they went in and drafted a game without knowing how to play!

Zander wound up winning, with Quinn coming in a close second. Quinn found a killer strategy in chipping away at the enemy and then using Blood Magic to seal the deal.

It’s a solid strategy! He wound up taking it to a 3-0 victory over all of his opponents. For his troubles, I gave him a signed promo Ripper card. Complete with a little bit of smack talk. I wrote “YOUR AN CHEETR” across the card before signing it. He thought it was pretty funny. And yes, if I sign your card, you may get something besides just my name on your card. You might get a silly message, a little smack talk, or something else. You’re welcome.

Overall, the weekend was rather successful. I didn’t sell nearly as many copies of The Condemned as I would have liked, but I made connections with several indie developers and other event organizers. In addition, I was able to drum up support for the upcoming launch parties that are happening this coming weekend! That’s why I’m considering this weekend a success.

Also, during 2D Con, I found several cards that somehow got past proof reading. Expect an errata update soon! I will also have more details about how old errata cards will be handled. That’ll be in the update post. I’m also going to drop some details on the upcoming launch parties this week. So look forward to both of those! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in The Arena!

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