Hello all! I have an announcement to make regarding the prices of booster packs and booster boxes. Don’t you worry, this is good news!

Being an indie game developer and publisher is tough! When I started working on this game in 2020, I definitely didn’t have any idea the amount of work that goes into getting a game off the ground. There’s marketing, design and development, community building, and umpteen other skills that I have had to learn on the fly. There’s one skill that has eluded me, however. That skill is pricing.

When I first looked at making The Condemned, I had originally planned on using The Game Crafter for publishing the game and handling all the fulfillment. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a Print on Demand (PoD) service that produces your product when you order it. In a vacuum, this was a great idea. I could upload the card images, they would ship them out when people place orders, I get paid. I could tell them how much profit I wanted to make, and then I could get my game out to the masses.

Aaaand then reality set in. Yes, I can print my game through TGC and get it out to pretty much the entire world. Actually, if you want to buy The Condemned from them right now, you totally can! It’s still up there. But when I started out, I worked with their prices. And TGC’s production cost, is…well…it’s high. It’s very high. So much so, that the lowest price I could put my booster packs is $6. And the Booster Boxes cost more than individual packs. Why? Because reasons or something like that. It’s weird and it makes no sense. But the point remains. I looked at TGC’s price point for booster packs and thought it was good enough for starting out. I hired a different manufacturing company to make the first boosters of the game, set the prices to match what is available on TGC, and called it good. And I did see some sales from this. Was it a ton of sales? Not really.

When I dropped by Adventure Loot Games to run a demo last month, I saw that they had lowered the cost to $5/pack. And I realized that maybe, just maybe, I might need to follow suit. Effective today, that’s what I’m doing. Booster packs are now $4.99/pack, $99.99/box. I have informed Highlander Games of this as well, and they will be updating their prices when they reopen their store in the coming weeks.

For those of you who purchased booster packs and booster boxes prior to the price change, I want to thank you. You were the ones who believed in me before anyone else. I hope you keep building your collections, because there is so much more on the horizon that I want to show you all! My goal with this price change is to make it easier for people to try out The Condemned and enjoy the game. If you were thinking about picking up some packs, now is definitely the time to do it! But that’s going to wrap up this update from me. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in The Arena!

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