Hello there! I’m back with another video for you. This video was just posted to our YouTube channel, and it’s definitely one you need to check out!

So let’s break down the deck:

Condemned: GRip

Weapons: 8

2x Beam Sword

2x Fletcher AG-22

2x Molotov Cocktail

2x: Spiked Bat

Armor: 10

3x Bloodied Football Pads

3x Nasty Football Cleats

1x Samurai Plate

3x Sturdy Football Helmet

Event: 6

1x Break Apart

1x Dodge Roll

1x Evasive Maneuvers

2x Hidden Pocket

1x Repossess

1x Tempered Blades

Preparation: 3

1x Devil’s Bargain

1x Hollow-Point Rounds

1x Prison Medic

When starting out with any card game, it’s important to know what to look for when determining the best value for the deck. My rule of thumb when starting out is 10 Weapons, 10 Armor, and 10 goodstuffs. These can include other useful Weapons/Armor, Events, or Preparation cards that will help set you up for success. Starting out, you need to focus on having the right cards to synergize with your deck, as well as the right stuff for disrupting your opponent. Great examples of disruption are:

  • Repossess
  • Break Apart
  • The Best Laid Plans
  • Prison Medic
  • Hidden Pocket

You could also consider changing up the Condemned in your deck, too! If you’re running a lot of similar damage type Weapons, Kona Yuki can be a solid choice. If you’re running lots of Armor, consider running McGimble. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on The Immortal or Ophid, you can make use of the Heavy Armor to run a brutal control/stall deck.

Have you built your own deck yet? I want to hear from you! Share it in the comments section down below. Who knows?  Who knows, maybe I’ll feature it in another deck list! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in The Arena!

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