Hello there! I have some important information to share with everyone. Please take a look, this stuff is important!

During the demo at 2D Con last month, I came to the stunning realization that I had screwed up.

Yeah, that’s…more or less how I felt…

It’s rather silly when you try and make something, you spend tons of time proofreading everything, and then you realize that you didn’t get every little thing. But that’s exactly what happened! I found four cards that missed important details. Let’s talk about them!

First up is the Ray Shield. You’ll see the old card here. This one was probably the simplest one to errata, because I missed a very important couple words at the end of the sentence. The errata reads as follows:

“Exert (You may play this Event without counting it towards your limit by discarding another card from your hand)

Prevent the next 3 damage dealt to target Condemned or Armor this turn.”

It’s a small change, but an important one. Ray Shield was intended to be a temporary thing, only lasting the turn it’s played. Without the “this turn” at the end of the sentence, you could (in theory) stack multiple Ray Shields on an item as you play them, and that becomes a headache to keep track of. Not to mention it wasn’t intended to work that way. Sometimes you get a card that will work in unintended ways and it’s fun to see it work that way, but this is not one of those cases. So we’re changing it!

Second up is Molotov Cocktail. The Molotov was intended to be a de facto board sweeper. A sort of “deal with me or else” kind of card. What I realized is that the initial wording of the card is a little hard to understand. As such, I have changed the card to read as follows:

“If Molotov Cocktail is not parried, it deals its damage to all Armor equipped to the Condemned in addition to its intended target. If an Armor would break from this attack, break all Armor equipped to that Condemned.”

The first if-then statement will clear up a lot of the confusion around the card that we noticed at 2D Con. At the same time, it still keeps the card functioning in the spirit of what was intended with the card. I still love the Molotov, it’s one of my favorite Weapon cards. Even when I was first designing The Condemned, the Molotov stood out. Now it’ll be easier to understand!

Next up is the Medical Nanobot Field. This one is a bit of an oopsie. See, when I first started making The Condemned, I used a lot of terminology from Magic The Gathering. This was all during my internal testing and prototyping, partially because the flow of MTG is so freakin’ simple. It’s easy to read, easy to comprehend, and it made playtesting easier for my friends who tried it out. But there’s a small problem: Life gain in MTG is not equal to Life gain in The Condemned.

Anything that gains life in The Condemned increases your maximum life total. It should never be a permanent thing. And I made an Event gain life. Yeah, yeah, insert facepalm gif here. So I had to change the card a smidge. Medical Nanobot Field now reads as follows:

“When an enemy Condemned moves to Ranged this turn, you heal 3 Life.”

It should have been a heal all along, so now I’m fixing it to reflect this. Simple, straightforward, move along. Next card!

Oh, right. The last card, Prison Medic, has the exact same problem! Yep, I missed two cards. I legit said “target player” in a card, instead of “target Condemned”. In my defense, there was a period of time when the Condemned was not a representation of the person playing the game. Part of the reason for that was because I had considered a variant of the game where Condemned cards could be shuffled into the deck, and summoned up just like the player equips Weapons and Armor. I eventually nixed that idea, and made the Condemned card serve as a manifestation of the person playing the game. So now, Prison Medic reads as follows:

“Target Condemned drops an equipped Weapon or Armor. If they do, they heal 2 Life.”

Yeah. Same song, different verse. I have already reached out to my printer, they’re going to update the next printing of the game accordingly. If you have one of these older versions, you will still be able to play them. They will use the updated wording when played. Simple as. You can still use these in tournaments, you can still use them for kitchen table Condemned, nothing will stop you from using them. However, when you play them, please be aware of these updated rulings. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in The Arena!

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