Hello there! I hope you’ve had a great week. We’ll be starting our regular demo events very soon, and I wanted to share another deck list with everyone. This deck list comes from a friend of mine who did not want to be named. He bought a booster box and a starter set, and he was able to build this deck from the card pool he received. It’s a nasty, brutal deck!

Ophid Control relies on abusing Ophid’s buff to Heavy Armor and pairing it with armor that has Shielding. This forces your opponent to deal with that armor instead of hitting the Condemned directly. In additon, it makes use of lots of removal to deny your opponents their options. Add in a couple Rusted Hunks for big swings, and a single Alpha Strike to finish off an opponent who’s wide open!

Another interesting thing to note about this deck is that it’s only running 8 Weapons, a little on the lean side. This is because this deck doesn’t care as much about parrying damage. The armor with shielding is already difficult to deal with for most weapons, and there’s enough reserve armor in the deck that you can easily replace a damaged piece before you take any damage.

Let’s take a look at the deck list:

Condemned: Ophid

Weapons (6):

  • 3x Tenchu
  • 2x Rusted Hunk
  • 2x SR-301 Flamethrower
  • 1x Dirty Barry

Armor (6):

  • 2x Riveted Greaves
  • 2x Samurai Plate
  • 1x Exo-Legs
  • 1x Stitch Plate

Event (10):

  • 3x Break Apart
  • 2x Ray Shield
  • 2x Repossess
  • 2x Hidden Pocket
  • 1x The Best Laid Plans

Preparation (6):

  • 1x Prison Medic
  • 2x Corporate Sponsor
  • 1x Alpha Strike
  • 1x Devil’s Bargain
  • 1x Aggressive Charge

This is a solid deck that was built from one booster box! I would change only a few things. Firstly, The Best Laid Plans is a useful card, but it risks hurting yourself just as much as your opponent. I would replace all three for 2 more copies of hidden pocket and another Prison Medic. It might also be worthwhile to flesh out Break Apart or Repossess, giving them full playsets. I would also replace the Tenchu with Steel Pipe, for a little extra damage output. Tripoint Shuriken is a useful card, too. Use it once, then parry an enemy attack to do a little extra chip damage. It’s all going to revolve around setting up that control state that forces your opponent to deal with one bad thing after another.

But what do you think? Solid deck? Do you have your own build? What’s your favorite deck?

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