In 2375, member planets of the Solaris System Incarceration Protocol enacted The Condemned Resolution. The worst of the worst fight against one another to the death for glory, fame, and maybe a few perks in their cells.

Welcome to The Condemned

This starter set contains almost everything you need to ENTER THE ARENA and do battle! All you need are some counters and a coin. The box provides the rest!

GRip vs. Daisy

GRip and Daisy are included with their own decks. Daisy has lots of weapons that synergize with her damage buff ability. Big swings and lots of damage. If GRip has too much armor in front of him, break through his defenses with a Molotov Cocktail!

But don’t count GRip out just yet! He’s agile, and his Armor makes him hard to hit. His Spiked Bat might hurt him a little, but it’ll hurt Daisy even more! No matter who you bring into The Arena, you’re sure to pick a winner.

Also, use the fancy looking box to hold your future collection! There’s plenty of space in there for up to 600 cards. Fill it up with more cards from The Condemned Booster Packs, sold separately.

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