This page covers information related to running The Condemned CCG events for store owners. If you are looking for information on how to play The Condemned CCG, see this article.

Organized Play events come in two varieties: Constructed and Limited. Stores are encouraged to run whatever events their patrons desire, though draft is recommended as a starting point due to the low cost of entry and ease of learning. Whatever your patrons decide, they’re sure to love The Condemned CCG!


Limited formats come in two varieties: Sealed and Draft

  • Sealed involves providing 4 booster packs to the patrons to create a 31 card deck
  • Booster draft requires 2 booster packs per player, providing a lower cost of entry

In both formats, players create a deck on the spot and use that to play in the event. For Booster Drafts, deck sizes are modified. Players are tasked with creating a 26 card deck instead of the standard 31. In this case, they need a 25 card deck with 1 Condemned. If they do not draft a Condemned or do not want to draft a Condemned, they instead will have a generic inmate with 20 Life and no abilities.

For Sealed format matches, players create a 31 card deck from 4 booster packs. Decks will have 30 cards + 1 Condemned. If they do not wish to use a Condemned they received, they will instead have a generic inmate with 20 Life and no abilities. There are no limits to the number of copies of any given card in Sealed formats, nor is there any ban list for a sealed format.


Constructed formats are more rigid. Each entrant is required to provide their own deck for the event. Decks must be exactly 31 cards: 1 Condemned and 30 other cards. They can include no more than 3 copies of any card in their deck.

Organized Play and League Structure

Since The Condemned is such a new game, we don’t have a fully fleshed out league structure at the moment. Once more stores start running events for The Condemned, we can start tracking performance on a larger scale. Until that time, I encourage you to keep track of your own store patron’s performances in whatever way you see fit.

Your tournaments are your own to run. If you have enough people for a round robin, do it. If you can get enough entrants for 4 swiss rounds that cut to a top 8, so much the better! We recommend at least 2 participants for Constructed or Sealed, and at least 4 for Booster Draft. 4 is playable, but 6 is preferred. I strongly discourage any numbers smaller than that.

You are free to choose best of 1 or best of 3 round matches for your tournaments. We recommend 1 hour matches at maximum. In the event of time in the round, start a five turn timer for all matches. Starting with the current Condemned’s turn, Each active match will take 5 more turns. At the end of that, the Condemned with the most life wins. If they are tied, apply the damage of the Weapons (without modifiers) to each Armor, then add the Durability of all remaining Armor. Whoever has the higher durability from the sum of their Armor will win that game. To recap:

  1. 5 more turns, starting with the active player
  2. Most life remaining
  3. Apply damage of equipped weapons (without modifiers) to each armor, and then add the durability of all remaining armor. Higher durability wins.